Low latency with our software and servers

Video Encoder for Black Magic

We can offer low-latencies between the encoder and the player with our software. Our software has been optimezed to this goal, so you will be able to send to many receivers at the same time, with a latency of about 2 toy 4 seconds.

The chepest receiver in the world

Software Audio Encoder/Decoder

Raspberry Pi and our software, gives you the cheapest and most stable IPTV player in the world. No disrupts, no hangs. The best playback for the best price (below 100 US$). Very easy to install yourself, just download our image and burn your SD/uSD card.

Once the system is working you can relax the rest of the time

Software Audio Encoder/Decoder

Dell server are ready to restart themselves if there is a power fault, our software will reconnect by itself. our software is also reliant to network glitches and network disrupts, so once the service is back, it will reconnect automatically. No need for human intervention.

Follow your stats from our general panel

Software Audio Encoder/Decoder

With our monthly service you will have access to our statistics dashboard, where you will be able to follow connection times and bandwidth usage of all of you devices. You will be able to check the status of all of your encoders and decoders at a glance.

SecuredTV system

Software Audio Encoder/Decoder

We have also built a system called SecuredTV. With this system you will be able to add the receivers you want to allow to access your contents. No more people will be able to watch your contents.